About Ben

Ben is running for the Tucson City Council because he believes with the right leadership, Tucson can be a great city once again. Tucson can move forward in addressing our diverse set of community needs while maintaining the special culture and identity unique to our community.

Tucson must focus upon improving economic vitality in order to build the foundation necessary to address broader community issues. It is unacceptable that almost a third of our children live below the poverty level!

Ben brings the years of practical experience, professional skills and caring attitude necessary for doing what is best for the people of our community and getting us all back on the right track.

Ask yourself this honest question; is THIS the community you want for yourself and your family? If not, join Ben in creating a Tucson renaissance! Read more




A student of history, Ben recognizes how great Tucson once was and its potential to be so again. However, due to the lack of proper budgeting and policy priorities, our community has been allowed to stagnate and drift toward decline.

Return a focus to core priorities for municipal government; public safety, infrastructure and creating a regulatory climate which fosters employment & revenue growth.

  • Identify and allocate more funding for road maintenance and repair.
  • Bringing police and fire back to staffing levels appropriate for a city our size
  • Grow the revenue “pie” by aggressively making Tucson business friendly and not just talking about being business friendly.